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The coloured vinyl is a very popular variant for limited „Vinyl-Lover“-editions. It is a very exciting moment when You hold a nice cover with a beautiful artwork in your hand and you pull out a fitting, coloured record. Moreover define the colours a more unique character of this collector’s piece and give them a appearance of rarity. In case of black records the PVC is added with carbon black, which is extremely fine and is able to set down in the pores of the vinyl. Smooth sealed surfaces mean lower noise floor. For coloured vinyl production clear vinyl is the base material, which is supplemented by special additives. In production process this material runs more easier in the pressing than the black material. Accordingly the coloured vinyl must be pressed with less steam, to hold the weight of the record. That is important through the material must run in all the tips of the grooves. That is the reason why coloured vinyls have this reputation of producing a higher noise floor level and possibly running with crackles. For manufacturing Coloured Vinyl you need much intuitive feeling. But the now used colour concentrates are fairly close to the properties of the carbon black. Thus the coloured vinyl quality is getting much more better over the last years.

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  • Coloured transparent vinyl
  • Colour in Colour Vinyl up to 3 colours
  • Colour Effects like glitter or splatters

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