Download Codes for Vinyl !

Here we have a code-controlled web app, that makes a save and controlled download of your files possible.
You send us your Data and Files – whether if they are songs, movies, pictures etc.- and we generate a concrete number of codes, which you can spread to your clients in any way. With the code your client will have access to download.

how it works:


  • You send us your files (preferably a ZIP-file) and we place it on our onlineserver
  • a determined number of codes will be generated and assigned to the belonging files
  • the codes can be released as lists in csv/xls-files
  • you can go further with this codes in print production or any other way and send to your clients

The recipient can use a site, published by the app, to get the files after entering the code.

If you want to manage codes and downloads by yourself more often we have the opportunity to provide You the app for self administration.

Our Services:

  • Hosting of your digitale data
  • Generating of the download codes
  • Release of th codes on stickers, download cards etc.
  • Warranty of downloads (mp3, mpeg, picture formates, zip-files)


As an alternative we offer you every step or service seperately:

For instance – You need the download cards for for file, that You are hosting – we print them.
You need only the codes – we’ll generate them for You.
You may be want to set up your own download-platform – we care about server technologies and ensurance of the downloads.


Download Cards:

Download Cards are now well established as an attractive product for an effective and appealing promotion campaign in entertainment industries. With a download card you can call your clients to action in getting more involved with the product. Because of its low weight and small dimensions the card is perfect to handle and integrate to several media packages like on-/by-Packs, mailings or give-aways.


More detailed descriptions you can find at or in our glossary under Download Codes.