Flexi Vinyl

A real Eyecatcher, a good choice for a colourful commercial medium or a supplement for magazines – flexible to handle and to use!

We produce Flexi Vinyls in Single-format and revive a nearly forgotten tradition of audio media from „the good old times“, fully in the line with the Vinyl-Renaissance.
What once in the 40’s began with X-Ray-Films as illegal copy of records for musicfans in the Soviet Union, which tried to spread the music of Blues and Jazz, (read also this exciting article from Spiegel Online: „Knochen, die rocken“), was getting fast to an industrial manufactured and popular marketing product.

In the early 60’s commercial specialists in the USA developed a technique that is still valid today, though a rubber-based film was applied to a offset printed cardboard and after that the grooves were printed in from a moulding of the vinyl-master under high pressure.

Today the Flexi Vinyls are made of Polyethylen and are available in the following colours: transparent, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black and white. The label can be printed monochrome. The playing time on each side is 6 minutes maximum. For more detailed terms for print please have a look here in our Glossar.


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