Picture Disc

The Picture Disc – a cult object for collectors and lovers

The Picture Disc is a very special styled record, in which a photo, an illustration or a graphic is incorporated into the surface. Buddy Holly, Madonna or Die Ärzte – in the last decades a lot of artists released their albums as a picture disc in limited editions and created rare collector’s pieces. While producing the Picture Disc a up to 4 colour printed Label will be positioned in the record press machine and „baked“ into the record with around 150˚C. This printing can be realized on both sides. Due to the number of manual working steps a Picture Disc is considerably more cost-intensive as a normal record made of black vinyl. Often a coloured vinyl is used instead of the black Polyvinylchlorid, to enhance the optical effect of the Picture Disc. Though the lower depth of the grooves costs concesiions to the full audio quality, that is not compareable to a standard record. But it is definatly a cult object and an unusual carrier for music and pictures of any kind.

Our Services | Picture Disc

  • Coloured Label-pressing
  • Graphic Check
  • Both sides printable

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